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The Navajo Nation spans more than 27,000 square miles across New Mexico, Utah and Arizona, and is the largest home for Indigenous people in the United States. From 1944-1986, hundreds of mining and milling operations extracted 400 million tons of uranium from these lands, leaving various exposures to waste that can damage the kidneys and urinary system and whose impact on the environment and future generations is understudied and therefore unknown. I took this picture just outside of the Grand Canyon amidst a wave of COVID-19 news coverage asking folks to stay home where it is assumed one is safe and can keep clean. Let's have (and keep having) important conversations (and actually do something!) about who is included in those assumptions and who is not, and what it takes to declare something a 'state of emergency'. 

This photograph was taken on Navajo Territory.

This product is available as a 5"x7" fine art print.