Discovering Fat Girls Hiking was one of my first entry points into fat activism. I had just moved to the west coast and was disheartened that there didn't seem to be any other fat folks on the trails, beaches and mountains. A quick Internet search brought me to Fat Girls Hiking's Instagram page where I found an incredible community of fellow fat outdoor enthusiasts. 

Since that discovery, I have produced a short documentary film about the organization, and am in consistent awe of the organization's founder, Summer.

One thing I admire about Summer is that she refuses to accept financial compensation from organizations that do not align with her values. Fat Girls Hiking is a critical resource for fat community, so 40% of the total sales from this greeting card collection will go directly to Fat Girls Hiking. Let a fellow hiker know you're thinking of them, gift a bit of body-positive love, or send a note to someone you're missing from afar, all while supporting an incredible organization!

Happy Trails!